Entry: Goodbye and Goodluck Monday, July 10, 2006

Ever so often, I stop to think about my friends and how I have such a varied variety of them! Some of them are as complex as well ... a complex equation? While others are simple like vanilla ice-cream. :-)

The sun sets over the horizon as I type this piece out. My heart feels heavy as if its been pounded on, I can feel the beginning of a yawn churning somewhere within.... (where DO yawns start out from...?)

One of my closest friends is going far away today... To care for her family, in their time of need. She left with laughter in her voice and (probably) a smile on her face. She seemed to be skipping to a rythmic tune, so upbeat about it all...

It is almost unbelievable... A Mother who attempted suicide (and a Mil who succeeded at it!), a sister who's made the scenarios of "The Bold and the Beautiful" sound life-like and like icing on a soap-opera cake... a Husband who will go down in the MCP Hall of Fame. Thats her life in a nutshell (pun follows...) and inspite of being through all this she comes out as a better-than-normal individual with oodles of spirit and enthusiasm for life!

She tells me what she feels about it all. But it is always in the past tense after she has come to terms with her feelings. And not missing a beat, she forces a laugh, talks about the weather, the latest styles.

It is almost believable...

Good luck my friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you... Now and Always.



July 12, 2006   03:37 PM PDT
I cannot imagine a person....who listens to my crap all the time, to every silly problem i say...can be a person with so much inside her..I really admire her patience,stamina,courage ..A true person..and I wish her all the best too..from my heart .Truly, rationale, all problems we face seem to be very big at that moment...but when i see people , who face so much yet now say a word..and take time to listen and care, to be happy all the time...,i really think they are an example to mankind..Wonder why God tests good people so much ..?!!
July 12, 2006   12:24 PM PDT
eXtreme- Thanks.

Roops- Thanks. I know, I wonder how they have so much strength. I guess the human soul is very strong when it needs to be.
July 12, 2006   03:14 AM PDT
Your friend reminds me of a friend of mine from college days. She too always had a smile on her face and was so upbeat no matter what was thrown at her. :) all the very best to your friend and i do hope she comes back a much happier person!
July 10, 2006   09:22 PM PDT
:-( I know what you mean. I wish her the very best too.

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