Entry: In the eyes of the beholder ... Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"My dad is tall and strong" (Yes, the keyword is tall)

I would say that out loud sometimes at the playground, possibly trying to get the bully off my back, intimidate him into leaving me alone! Or maybe it was yet another way of idolizing the only person I looked upto at that point in my life (not literally, as I was only a few inches tall then!)

I dont recall when I realised that my Dad is not superman or any super hero for that matter. Like most daughters it was replaced by a feeling of envy (of my Mom) and then pride (Dad being smart, caring, loving, fun ... you know the adjectives here!)

Taking a cue from Calvin, (of C&H fame ...) I'm sure its tough when you realise that your Dad isnt the infallible person you thought him to be. (Or in Calvin's own words, "You better look for a new job, "Dad" ") I can imagine that it might be disappointing for a few too, depending on which angle you look at the scenario ... If I ever had thoughts about it, they must have been fleeting, as I dont remember them!

Just the other day at work, one of my colleagues (who I always thought was shorter than me atleast by an inch or 2) stated that he was 2 inches taller than I am! Oh, I'm not really concious about my height (or lack of it!) but this irked me a little. Why, why did I always imagine him to be at the same level as I was, or even shorter than me?

It's because ... now ... my Dad is just a few inches taller than I am. But to me ...it will always go like this, "My Dad is tall and strong."



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June 12, 2011   11:24 PM PDT
The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not .
June 28, 2006   02:22 PM PDT
Haha, hope they dont say "Why cant you be more like granpa!"
June 28, 2006   10:54 AM PDT
They did a fine job. They brought us up good.
Wonder what our kids will tell?

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