Entry: It's too short! Saturday, June 24, 2006

This could be the start of one of those kind of posts that talk about my short shorts or short skirts and how my Mom found them too short ... but lets leave that for another day. Today I am in a bit more pensive mood ... as its Life I'm talking about ...

I was witness to an accident where a life was (is) potentially in danger.

Crusing along the roads, we were enjoying the wonderful weather equipped with sunglasses and suncreen. I felt hot even in the thin knit tshirts made for a day like this! I remember we were talking about something inane like the latest summer fads and our plans for the evening when we noticed the traffic slowing down.

Its one of those things that really hit you hard. Some people even take it as a reminder ... to be more careful when they drive, more attentive and less pre-occupied. Life tends to weave itself through a maze of emotions sometimes. One moment you are carefree and theres not a (serious) thought in your head and the very next you are confronted with yourself, prodding you with all these questions about what you want from life.

And that ofcourse depends on ones perspective. Personally, I'm content when I'm happy. Yeah, but its not that simple is it? Big Smile Happiness is so under-rated. Think about it, everyone has different definitions of it! The ways in which we achieve peace, happiness is as varied as the colors of the rainbow and the shades in-between!

So please, drive safe and take care of yourself. Look 2 ways before you cross the road, whether you are in a car ... or not! And "Do what makes you happy, do what feels right" Shades




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Personally I feel the more you desire the less your happiness.
June 24, 2006   08:39 PM PDT
Coefficient of happiness is the ratio of Achievements to Desires.

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