Entry: When will I see you again? Thursday, June 22, 2006

So I live in the pacific northwest. Yeah! Lots of greenery and mountain air to go around. Sunlight is taken seriously here and this must sound crazy coming from a person who's lived all her life in sunny (sometimes TOO sunny) climes... but summer days in the North West are so full of fun! I think I've done more in a few weeks of summer here than I have ever done in ANY summer in my life!

Driving home from work is always an anticipated treat for me! (Yeah there IS something other than the fact that I am leaving work for the day!) My commute is like a non guided tour of the Olympic and Cascade ranges and Mt Rainier! Well, actually more like a distant observatory viewing. But nevertheless, every day that the sun is out, I walk out of my work place with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

The hills are alive, did you say? Sometimes I think Mt Rainier cant be a REAL thing. I mean, heres this huge, white, almost-perfect mountain. (Lets not go into specifics here, that might make it sound real!) I like to think that its a 'ghost'. (No, I am not 5!) Let me explain ...

On a sunny day we cant be certain that Mt Rainier will grace us with its presence! Its like it appears just out of no-where. (Could be due to the elevation I have to cross over to actually view it on the interstate but I rather fancy my theory) So if you saw the big R while you visited Seattle, you are lucky!

Theres something very meditative about watching it, sitting on the cool grass, the sun shining on your face. At that moment, all you can think of is when will you see it again ...





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June 12, 2011   10:35 PM PDT
The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not .
June 23, 2006   10:48 PM PDT
I have had the pleasure of seeing Mt R wih my own eyes last summer.Thanks to u..Truly a scenic beauty worth seeing...When will I see him again?? .....well , when i visit Seattle again (right answer isn tit?!!)
June 23, 2006   10:04 PM PDT
Sutkoo- Aww, remember u have a cabin-like home to live in anytime u choose to come to Seattle! :)
June 23, 2006   02:31 PM PDT
sniff, i miss him.

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