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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Water, Water everywhere...

Do you know the difference between PVC and Thermoplastic? What about Carbonide and Fiberglass? Ok, how about rudders and skids?

Alright, before you check to see if you've reached the wrong website, let me assure you that this isnt Organic Chemistry 101 or even Mechanical Physics ... but these were the questions I was asked when I sat down at the REI flagship, here in Seattle for their Kayaking class!

Being in the beginner level to this sport, I thought this would be a good idea to learn about something I think I can stick to, instead of my usual tryst with many activities. And guess what, I think I will!

While growing up, my love for water and its related activities was stemmed a little, mostly cause of my Mom who thinks that a person can drown in 1 foot of water, even if they are over 4 feel tall! (Hmm that explains why I wasnt allowed to take tub baths for longer than a few minutes at a time!)

I still remember swimming with cute red arm floats. My Dad taught my sister and me how to swim. She learnt it early on taking after my Dad I guess whos known to be literally a water-baby! I took a while longer, always letting my imagination get the better of me. I'd swear I once saw and felt a crocodile brush past me.... in the swimming pool! Err... ok well I admit it was after I'd seen this real scary movie in which a crocodile... well you get the idea!

Through college I never missed the chance to visit the beaches of Madras, it was lovely. Couldnt really do much there without having a gazillion eyes on you, so I stayed clear of anything too exciting.

Then I moved to Florida where the beaches were... well breathtaking. Still the best I've seen in the world. Daytona, Ft Lauderdale, Deerfield, Cedar, The Keys, Clearwater, Panama and ofcourse SOUTH BEACH! I've done it all but surfing, cause again, staring down a sharks throat? Not my idea of a thrill! I think I've overcome my fear of Crocs though. (Well, a bit!)

Leaving the sunny east coast and moving to Seattle, felt like kissing my days on the water goodbye. But on a summer day, the waters of Lake Washington and the numerous waterways are just about as beautiful as any beach.

Just about...

And I do look forward to exploring them this summer... *Crossing fingers and hoping that I wont overturn my Kayak*

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Monday, June 12, 2006
In The End... (It doesnt even matter?)

So what if I complain that I dont find the time to read. Thats no excuse to recommend a random book to me! Infact, shouldnt it be the other way round? Since I have no time.... well you get the point!

I usually go here for book reviews also occasionally use Amazon.com and ever so often word-of-mouth too...

Have you ever read a book of short stories and eventhough one story after another is disappointing (believe me, I'm being kind) you still go on to read the next, so as to know what the hype about this book was? Well, for the past few evenings, I was put in this compromising position. (No sniggering please!)

I have nothing against 'eclectic' writers but come on! I've had my share of books where about two-thirds of the pages are filled with descriptions of every nuance of an emotion. Some of them are even enjoyable.

When a story comes to an end and you dont realise that its ended, you turn the page expecting to read more.... and bam! Its like the writer got tired of taking the story along, or didnt know what to do with it anymore.... so she wrote, "The End". Actually that wasnt there either. If it were, atleast I'd known the story had ended! Instead I'm half expecting the sequel to this book- probably a book of short stories, each in a sequence, completing every one of the stories in the first book.

*Do you feel like this story is narration is going no where? Haha welcome to the planet I was on!*

I'm not going to reveal the authors name. Hah! Now hows that for no-endings?









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Friday, June 09, 2006
Toys R US!

For those of you who know me well, I'm sure you either A) Adore my niece, like I do... or B) Are not in touch with me anymore, since I choose to bore you with snippets of my niece's life!

If you dont fall under either category you are either A) Missing out on a lot of "cute-sy" stuff... or B) Saying "Phew" right now that you dont know me any better than you do. And I'm sure there are the usual "silent" listeners (or should I say readers) who choose to read-and-ignore what I write down here! :D

My niece is turning 3 this year! And boy have we (Uncle and Aunt) gone overboard! The 'Uncle" in question never fails to visit the baby section in which ever department store we go to. (For me, its just another excuse to visit Toys-R-Us! I know the limitations when it comes to shipping stuff across the oceans) During our last visit there, (I forget for whom we'd actually gone to buy toys for!) I got a board game and a few other knick-knacks for myself! All the time thinking, "Why werent these huge doll-houses created 20 years ago?!"

I remember the first doll-set I played with. It was a hot pink kitchen set made for a barbie doll. I think it was my sister who played a part in us getting the set. I was fascinated by the rubber hotdogs, eggs and milk cartons. Sis lost interest in the whole thing pretty soon (Or I didnt let her play with it... I forget) But that set was the source of countless hours of fun in the hot summer afternoons. Sometimes I even sneaked away my snacks just to serve them up in the tiny plates.

Haha and now my sister plays with her 3 year old, the same games she played with me! Maybe she did not play enough with me and this is payback time! :))

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Friday, May 19, 2006
A journey through my journals

Journals- A nice way to remember things you otherwise wouldnt remember. When I was little, I used to write down my "thoughts and feelings" in a diary, well sometimes! (Pretty heavy for a 10 year old I admit...) It was just filled with instances where I was sent to my room or chided at for being naughty. I guess it was only then I had the time to write down anything. (Isnt homework enough?!)

When I got my first computer, I eagerly started a journal using Microsoft's Word e-journal feature. Boy! That lasted a few months before I went back to my good ol' notebook. Poems (which my Mom actually thought I'd copied from the local kids magazines!!!) were the only "thoughts" I managed to write in them.

College... who has the time to write what I felt when theres not enough time in the day (and night) to even experience whats happening around us to the fullest!? But this time I managed to capture some of the memories on paper. I dont remember how I got the notebook, which is now buried somewhere in my garage at home. (Did you think I would leave that lying around my parents place to be poked at??)

Now I write here, my own "personal" web-journal where I am free to pen down whatever I think. (Well.... maybe not WHATever, after all you never know who could be reading these things!) My thoughts may be rational or may be not, depending on which way you read into it...

Recently I was asked by my Doctor to start (another) journal! Gosh! I had been to visit her recently for a routine check up. She seemed disgruntled that I had no particular reason to make an appointment. (So I had to tell her something was bothering me... right?!!) (Forget the fact that I'm (my insurance) paying her out of (their) my nose) To cut this story short, I told her about some headaches I've been having a few times a week... (well, I've been having them since high school! who doesnt!) and she said its probably tension, stress, what-have-u headaches and that I should keep a journal to track them.

Hmm this is enough to give me a headache! (Wheres the pen, I need to note this one down!)





Posted at 01:55 pm by Rationale
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Friday, May 12, 2006
If you're happy and you know it.... go workout (*clap clap*)

Where I come from, they say that when you are happy it shows... on your WAISTLINE! If thats true then I must be REALLY happy! I am not going to let on just how many pounds I have put on, I refuse to be one of 'those' people who can only talk about themselves in metrics of mass!

In the country I now call home, they say that when you are depressed you tend to stuff yourself! Now hows that for controversy! Instead of getting up and about trying to do something about my 'problem', I find myself mulling over this thought from time to time...

I have a job that seats me in a chair all day, (or different chairs depending on how many meetings are scheduled during the week) does not make it any easier. That and the snacks and sodas piled up in the office kitchen that are free. (Free being the keyword here)

But I do have the willpower to resist, to get my butt off the couch (or rather... not get it onto the couch as soon as I'm home) and go for a walk, ride the bike to the library downtown, spend an hour at the gym. How am I inspired you ask... well when you get to the point where none of your 'cute' clothes fit you anymore and all you have to rely on are sweats and elastic pants you'll be inspired as well! (And ofcourse the thought of going to the mall, and buying a pair of jeans bigger than a size 6!)

The last time this happened, was when I had just got out of school and was living alone (aaah... bliss!) I dropped a few dress sizes and gave away some of my clothes to the SA. (Hubby's idea!) Hmmph! I should have got down from my high horse and kept them! I could go and get some bigger clothes now but it goes something like this in my head, "Why buy cos in a few weeks I wont need them anymore?"

Hah! Hows that for optimism! :-D

(PS: I did go out and buy a pair of jeans from my favorite store, in a bigger size but I've kept the tags just in case *sshhhhh*)

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Sorry, Please, Thank You (and err...?)

When I was growing up, these were the only 3 words we needed to use to be termed as a "polite" person. (Forget the fact that you just kicked your cousins ankle under the dinner table and he swore!)


Now, we have a whole eclectic mix of words and phrases that we are expected to use in public! Stuff like, "Take care", "Have a nice day", "How’s it going" and even the simple "Good Morning", "Ciao" are used so recklessly that people don’t even stop in their tracks or even acknowledge the greeting anymore. If you stop to notice the cafeteria traffic at your workplace, I'm sure you will see something like this....


People crossing each others paths uttering one or more of the above phrases. And in reply they receive a grunt... or if they are really lucky a, "Yeah" or "You too" depending on the "nicety" in question!


So today I decided to try out a long awaited “test”, so to speak! When one of my colleagues spring the inevitable question on me, I was going to relate in gory detail the woes of my life! (Err…) Well here goes nothing! I felt so much like a hunter probably would… (minus the danger of course!) But here I was waiting with bated breath for someone, anyone to ask me how my day was going. (Umm did I mention, it was one of those days at work, when you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start?)


And it happened! An unsuspecting guy comes my way and throws a cursory, “How’s it going” in my direction and I launch into my prepared (or at least preconceived) speech with an evil grin! He was rather taken aback at first but quickly composed himself with the fake-est “Oh, I’m so concerned” face I had ever seen!


I tried not to make matters worse by asking him what he thought of my solutions to my made-up problems in life. Wasn’t it enough that I had proved a point? How many of us actually listen to someone when they don’t weave us into the intricate pattern of their life?


Somehow it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be… Now I’m actually starting to believe that no one really cares anymore…







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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
I did it!


After a lot of wry attempts to get my husband to listen to one (if not more) of my favorite songs without rolling his eyes to the back of his head... I gave up! I started listening to those songs at work instead. Well... except for Jazz which I still play at home at times.

A few days ago at work, I was listening to one of these songs, maybe you know it... "E Ajnabi" from the soundtrack of the movie Dil Se. (One of my favorite movies and definetly my favorite song!) And I guess I must have been singing or humming along, because someone comes over and asks to HEAR it! Boy! Was I excited!!!

I sat her down and translated the whole song! (Word-for-word) Ah ha! Do I hear some sympathy for my husband? Hmm... Anyway she liked it! And has even blogged about it here. Isnt that cool? Well, shes also said some other things about me which you can ignore! :)

I love the fact that she cant seem to get the melody outta her head. It brings back memories....


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Friday, March 10, 2006
Its the Weekend!!!.... All-ready???

Serves me right for being judgmental, pointing my fingers and thoughts at some people and enjoying every single minute of idle-ness! How does that saying go? "Too much of a good thing" (Or in my case… "Nothing")


I have often wondered how some people can have such an active social life. Now by active, I mean going out a few times during the week and partying all night over the weekends… Looks like it doesn't take much to get into such a rhythm and seems like it doesn't take a toll on anything…. Well except your free 'dawdle' time.


I like my dawdle time. In fact I cherish it! I can do everything during that time, usually end up doing nothing, but that's not the point. The important thing to me is that I HAVE that time, to waste… to idle away…


Enter hubby dearest into my life and BANG! It's like I'm in a different time warp caught somewhere between busy and busi-ER. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I welcome the thought of meeting new people, getting to know how the rest of the world does with THEIR free time etc.


This brings me to the point… where were all these people, so eager to meet me… before I became 'We'? Or maybe it's just that people think my husband is so interesting that's it ok if I tag along? Well, whatever the case is… I guess I better get used to it! Cos' it's been a few weekends now…


Serves me right…

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
College Days and back again... and again...

I have some really good friends whom I chat with from work, at times when theres nothing much to do, or too much such that I dont know what to do!

On one of these days, we began reminiscing about college days back in India. After such a chat, we usually end up by conforming on one thing- Time Flies! This time, it was more than that. We actually went into snippets of our academic endeavours which have made us better people. Alright, I cant continue with this babble anymore. Let me just preserve my chat with her for posterity!

Names have (not) been changed for .... well because its really not important if you do/not know any of us. Because as you will soon discover, these instances were known by all in our class!

<some inane conversation later...>

Laksh: remember once  Joanna told both of us to give proxy attendence for her and both of us answered for her together and got caught.
rationale: :))
rationale: haha yeah that was so funny
Laksh: some of our teachers were really substandard..like smlarhi and nuiptah

(names scrambled. I dont know why, I'm sure they dont find the need to keep tabs on such students of theirs!)

rationale: or the time when that math teacher... caught us running into an empty classroom when we saw her coming out of a class of hers... that we had just bunked!
Laksh: :))
Laksh: that was too funny.
rationale: haha yeah. ill nvr forget how that nuiptah teacher got stuck trying to prove that 2 raised to 3 is 8!
rationale: gosh so funny! stop, my manager might hear me! :))
Laksh: And once she tried to get square root of 49 using some iterative algorithm and the answer came in one iteration and she was scratching her head! :))
Laksh: and the time the micro devices prof threw us out of class and  u were actually happy and rushing to go out!
rationale: i kno! u were like.. "lets go out as if we LOOK like we are sad to be punished" and i was like.."yay! lets gets the h#$$ out of here!" :))
rationale: haha yeah something like that
Laksh: i wanted to go out a bit more remorsefully coz he wud be responsible for our practicals. :))
Laksh: man college days were soo carefree.
Laksh: its 5 years since we graduated..
rationale: i kno!  times flies huh. now we have deadlines that we actually have to work ourselves at, mortgages, hubbies and theres only more to come!
rationale: yikes all in FIVE years!
Laksh: hey my manager is calling, i'll be back
rationale: too many accomplishments, wouldnt u say?
rationale: haha yeah sure. see? i told you... too many responsibilities!

<Ended just in time. Risk of collegaues thinking I am insane- very high!>

And so 4 years passed. There's so much more where this came from. But I will refrain from relating it and retain a few shreds of "professional dignity". (Whatever that means...)


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Monday, February 27, 2006
Bookworms... Bad for books?

I love to read and I'm not ashamed to say it! But my love of books is more than just reading. Its also about seeing my beloved books stacked neatly on a bookshelf! (No, I'm not an orderly freak but I just like keeping my favorite books at arms length) Its so comforting to know that there will never be a boring minute where I would ask myself, "What do I do now?". (Hah! What do you non-book-enthusiasts" have to say to that?)

"Why would you want to read the same book over and over?", I have been asked this question over and over. What can I say... The reasons why I read (most) books go far beyond just knowing whats at the end of the story. Ofcourse we will always remember the beginnings and the ends but what about all the bits and pieces in between that make the book, oh so wonderful! What would I have done on those hot summer afternoons, if it werent for the Famous Five and the FindOuters while they solved the Mystery of the Missing <XYZ>? Or more recently, when I had a few months off with nothing to do, I was introduced to Harry Potter. I read the first 4 books in a few weeks and when I was done, I started again!

On some afternoons, I still secretly wish I had my stash of Enid Blytons. I chide my Mom when she lends (read never to be seen again) some of my neatly stacked books to kids who visit her. Lended books somehow never make their way back to the lender. (A proverb in the making?) Some people I know, give them away to the local lending library! It was hard to conceal my look of disappointment when I heard that one. (I was ashamed to admit that I prefered hoarding over charity)

Thanks to my sister, I know that my dream of owning the entire set of Enid Blyton books is not too far-fetched. I can get them all at this place (They also have Amar Chitra Katha collections!) Some people find it hard to believe that my vast knowledge of Mythology is attributed to comics! Recently, at an Indian grocery store, I noticed a pin-up announcing a local Ramayana trivia contest. I eagerly pointed this out to my hubby saying that maybe I should take part...(Thanks Uncle Pai!)

Well, it was all of an exciting 10 seconds! My hubby pointed out that it was for ages 6-16 and not 26! Hmmph! I'm getting back to my book!

Recently read books that were literally too-good-to-put-down:- Deception Point by Dan Brown, Moonlight & Vines by Charels De Lint (Great, if you like fantasies)


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