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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Nick-Knack and my Neck!

Woke up early this morning
Made my coffee like I allllll ways do
Then it hit me from nowhere
Everything I feel about meeee and youuuu ...

-Vanessa Carlton's Eighth World Wonder

Thats how the song goes but for me its just a stiff neck this morning! It was literally an effort to get out of bed and not just the feeling. Called my doctor but she had no appointment available so I decided to go across the street from her to urgent care. (Basically like an ER where walk-ins are welcome)

So hubby decides to take the day off to take-care of me and whisks me off to the docs. Well maybe whisk would not be the correct word since I could barely walk a few steps at a time. And hubby stating that I look like an older version of his granny with my head to the side does not make it any easier to keep a straight face! (Yeah, it hurt to laugh too!)

We get to the docs office which is just around the corner from where we live. The receptionist takes one look at me and states that it will be a 2 hour wait at the very least. We go back home and every jerk and turn in the car make me feel like detaching my neck and resting it on my lap for a while!

Back at the doctor and further waits. My blood pressure, weight, height, reflexes, throat, temperature, pulse all seem "perfect". Further waits. I read this weeks Time Magazine as well as last weeks Newsweek. (Did you know that "Eddie" from Frasier died last week?)

Just about to doze on Bush' Immigration plans (No, no ..!! He's not leaving the country, sorry folks! I refer to his take on immigration reform) when Doc comes in and taps my spine asking me all these questions. He then gives me a prescription muscle relaxant and sends a nurse in to fit me with a ... collar!

In addition to keeping me from turning my neck unwantedly, it is also a source of much merriment. As proved when I came out wearing it. And making people laugh in the waiting room of an ER is not a mean feat! The situation wasnt made any serious by hubby gaffaw-ing when I walked out ...

And I cant look in a mirror too, since it physically hurts... to laugh!!!

Posted at 03:58 pm by Rationale

July 12, 2006   08:07 PM PDT
Upsi- 2 more days. Its just a slight twist, nothing serious. But yeah, I turn my chair all the way (thankfully it has wheels and hinges etc) to face my colleagues. :-))

July 12, 2006   01:33 PM PDT
how many days more on the collar? you gotta turn 180 or 360 when pals call from behind?
wishing you a speedy recovery, rationale!
July 12, 2006   12:22 PM PDT
Homosapien (???)- Thanks. You bet its funny. And today I am at work with it too! :(

Roops- Thanks! :) And Happy Bday to Bobbee again!

Sutkoo- Hmph! The sense of humor for others mishaps runs in the family I see! :D
July 12, 2006   11:52 AM PDT
get well soon and dont forget to put your name on the collar lest you get lost.
July 12, 2006   03:06 AM PDT
Awwwww........hope u get better real soon.
July 11, 2006   05:40 PM PDT
Very funny... Can imagine you with a collar :). Makes me laugh just thinkin about it. Hope you get well soon. Take care

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