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Monday, July 10, 2006
Cows make Cheese and then Poop

Just back from a lovely holiday and I realise that I need to go shopping! My HR Manager is going away on maternity leave and we are throwing her a baby shower! Have to keep on the good side of HR you see, so I trudge to the mall...

It is then I remember the theme of the party.... Books! Suddenly there is a spring in my step when I realise my destination is just over the border. Well Borders to be more specific!

Buying books for a baby is something I rarely, if ever do. And for a baby I dont even know.... (or cant possibly meet to figure out what she/he would like?) I am just about ready to reconsider my thoughts on the whole idea.

One hour and counting...

I am searching for books that I recognise but find none. Some of the more memorable ones I see are, "Everyone Poops" (Borders assistant assures me this one is famous (I translate... notorious) among the kids!), "Moo Baa La La La" (picking this up elicits eager nod from assistant, I think no one has ever bought that one!) My hopes of buying (and perhaps reading before gift-wrapping and giving) Peter Pan or even Aesop fables are crushed when I see a "funny" take on the latter called "The Stinky Cheese Man" (Assistant tells me that kids today will read the classics only if they cater to their sense of humor!)

Who moved my Cheese?

Ready to give up. Am going to buy Borders gift card. (Oh! But what if HR decides that is uncouth and takes a chunk out of my bonus.) *sigh* Next aisle and a million unknown (to me) books later ...under some book titled, "The Wild Thing" (Err... have I stumbled onto a different category of books) I see ..."The Velveteen Rabbit"

(For those of you who havent read this one, please navigate to this site at once and complete your inner kids' soul) And no, its not about a rabbit who likes a certain type of cheese!


If you read the book, you know what I mean. Gifts are opened along with sheer delight by HR manager. Every book gives way to new "Oohs" and "Aaahs". But my gift brings out the most audible "Awww". :-)

Oh and someone bought "Everyone Poops" and "Moo Baa La La La" is gifted twice! The definition of humor is officially changed. Realization that I am in a whole new generation strikes .... in a very funny way. :-))

PS: I go back to Borders to read those 2 gems. If you want to buy it for someone check out this and this


Posted at 08:41 pm by Rationale

July 11, 2006   02:36 PM PDT
Upsi- I'd say books make the greatest gift- always and anytime!

Anantha- :) No no, Its a great book. Do read it sometime. Its one of those books that make u feel good inside.
July 11, 2006   09:33 AM PDT
Velveteen Rabbit! Oohhh. I thought that was a made up book (Friends connection).
July 11, 2006   08:43 AM PDT
These showers prep you up when you are ready to have one...seriously.
And if you think of all those gadgets for the tiny guy. Man!

..got a shower next weekend. was wondering what to get. Thnx...

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