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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
At-Home Spelling Bee

I've never been good at spellings. My Mom always charted this down to lack of practise! And I think she had something right there, cos now a days I find that my spelling has improved... drastically!

Dont get me wrong, I'm not consiously trying to improve on my spelling. God! I'm not a geek! But its been 6 months now that I am living with my new hubby and heres how it went when he needed to send an email out just this morning...

H: Rationaaaaleeee, Whats the spelling of "occasionally"
Me: (I was actually in the bathroom with my mouth full of foam... from the toothpaste! and not because I'm crazy!)

H: <Repeats himself>
Me: Umm 'O' 'C' (This much I was sure of!) 'A' 'S' 'I' 'O' 'N' 'E' no 'A' 'L' 'L' 'Y'!

H: Arent there 2 s'?
Me: Err... Umm... use spellcheck!

So in effect every time hubby needs to send an email from home, he enlists someone whos better at him at spellings! (FYI, that could be ANYone!) Granted the words are easy compared to even the most juvenile spelling bees, why just today day he called out, "Hey, how do you spell 'Laury', she sent me an email and I need to reply" !

PS: A penny for each wrong word spelt here! :-)

Posted at 11:36 am by Rationale

June 22, 2006   10:17 PM PDT
Sniglets are the words that do not appegear in the dictionary, but should

Aeroma-Odour from excercise room

Buttnick--a crevice where cig.butts rests on ashtray

Cineplegic--a person whose foot has temporarily lost circulation

Xeroxpox---any skin disease of copier paper

Yaffling----Speaking loudly to foreigners

Zizzebots--the marks on the bridge of ones nose when glasses are removed
June 22, 2006   10:11 PM PDT
He got all of them wrong, except the last one.. (which U got wrong Muniya!):))
June 20, 2006   10:32 PM PDT
When i was in school I spelt"coffee" as "kauphy". My teacher who was very liberal in giving marks could not give any marks since not even a single letter was correct.
June 20, 2006   08:49 PM PDT
Nice one! made me smile !
June 20, 2006   07:58 PM PDT
Pi thought it was chiknis...always thinking of women.
June 20, 2006   06:00 PM PDT
:)) And the most recent addition to his spelling-goofs is chi-knees (chinese)

Ya ya, a penny for each spelling mistake you guys find here!:)
June 20, 2006   01:45 PM PDT
haha! Indeed..That be my brother for you. For Whooping Cough he had written Ubeenkaff in one of his term papers.
My parents haven't got over the fact that he managed to get all the letters wrong. They thought he was a genius.

not that I am any better, but i would have figured the 'p'...he already had mallu qualities in him.:)

Oh, btw, it's practice not practise.hehe!

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